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Nasa International Space Apps Challenge

12811 Participants, 133 Locations, 949 Projects

This weekend I entered the International Space Apps Challenge. Connecting with participants around the globe, I decided to take on the challenge of designing my first #wearable #device.

Challenge: 'Design wearable clothing and accessories that could be useful for the engineers, technicians and scientists involved with ground processing spacecraft and rockets and / or researchers, both on and off world, doing lab or field work.'

I used an Environmental and Biometric Sensor Puck with Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) made by @siliconlabs . By placing your finger on the large sensor at the base of the device, your heart rate can be measured and broadcasted to a connected Android or iPhone via BTLE. 

In the next phase I will be connecting the app to the #Spotify API to recommend music based on your pulse.

The sensor is also capable of capturing UV Index, ambient light, relative humidity and temperature. This data can be housed in a database and correlated with other sensory information as part of a big data project to provide realtime predictive analysis in different physical and virtual environments. As the technology evolves, Artificial intelligence could be so accurate as to allow for this information to prepare a human for a situation before their brain has had a chance to understand what's happening.

I designed 3d printed housing using #Solidworks which is a 2 piece detachable strap and sensor housing, allowing for use on multiple locations of the body.

The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day #hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.



It gives me great pleasure to share the one of the most exciting stories in #OrangeCounty and welcome our very own newest #OCHackerz startup Team #SnapJet.

2 brothers from New York who moved to #OC and literally built the world's first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer company in their bathroom have now successfully raised $210,449 in their Kickstarter campaign.  

Check out their Kickstarter Video below:

So what is SnapJet? SnapJet is a portable printer for your smartphone. It scans your screen, and prints out a high resolution color image on Instax Mini or Polaroid 300PIF film. SnapJet lets you print on instant film like never before. In addition to regular photos, you can print out anything from beautiful artwork to crisp, sharp text. 

You can learn more about their campaign at

and pre-order a SnapJet printer at

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Volunteering at Boys and Girls club Tustin

Following 8 months of volunteering at the Boys and Girls club in Tustin, teaching electronic circuits. robotics, entrepreneurship and mobile app design, I am working with the Head of the Technology Center. Today was my official welcoming announcement to 100+ kids and I was greeted with a the most amazing 15 second ovation.

I don't think I've ever had such a heartfelt experience in my entire educational or employment life and after 4 years of exploring my passions to get here, I now realize I'm in the right place. With the kids entrusting their faith in me, I am committed to delivering them on the promise that I will convert every one of them into entrepreneurial thought leaders that change the world through living their dreams. Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to #OCHackerKidz watch out!

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Gave a talk to students at Coasline Community College about CyberSecurity, Hacker/Maker Movement and future career opportunities in technology

Today I was invited to give a talk to 150+ college students at Coastline Community College on the topic of CyberSecurity. I highlighted a couple of different 'Hacking' techniques such as #SocialHacking to help them think outside the box and understand that security doesn't always revolve around technology. 

I had an opportunity to demo some of the innovative #opensource hardware technology that we were working on at OCHackerz to inspire them to learn more about potential career opportunities of the future. Judging by the intense Q & A session after, I feel they were really excited to explore this area further. Mission accomplished!

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Fireside Chat with Co-Founders of #SnapJet sponsored by #OCHackerz #Elance and #Techspace

As part of my efforts at #Elance-oDesk, I organized a fireside chat inviting 2 friends Ismail and Isaac from my #OCHackerz group who started #SnapJet at #makerspace. The discussion provided a detailed analysis into their experience, the tools and techniques used for managing freelancers across the world on #Elance to build a physical product locally.

I also invited my friend Paul from #OCTalkRadio to broadcast our first live streaming radio for the event so people across the globe could listen in.

Thanks to my partners at #Techspace for allowing our 'extreme makeover of their space and hosting us, it was a great success.

Here's a link to the #Eventbrite

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OCHackerz #OpenHack Hackathon March 2014 #Eureka Building, Irvine, CA

I produced and directed a 48 hour #ochackerz hackathon event at #EurekaBuilding #Irvine. The theme of this Hackathon was exploring the #OpenSource Arduino platform for #Hardware. We had a touchscreen arLCD which allowed for applications to directly interface with the micro-controller through touch interaction. We also assembled and configured a #3dprinter provided by @airwolf3d to print parts for some of the projects requiring physical parts.

Here's a Link to the Eventbrite

I reached out and attained sponsorships/partnerships with local businesses such as #eurekaoc, #elance-odesk #qgits #inventables #SpaceX #lyft #earthlcd #faststartstudio #bergwind #factoryenova #xpalpower #generalassembly    who supported our event and made #OpenHack possible.

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OCHackerz #OpenHack Hackathon - Marshmallow challenge

During the first part of the hackathon, my friend Danni Nguyen and I presented the Ice-Breaker challenge. Each team was given an arms length of tape, arms length of string, some pasta and a marshmallow. The objective of this challenge was to build a structure using the materials provided to support the marshmallow. The team that raised the marshmallow the highest distance wins, in this case team 3.

The objective of this exercise is to learn and understand how to work in a team. It forces teams to collaborate in a pressured competitive environment to quickly understand each others strengths and weaknesses and manage your time effectively. 

One of my observations here that planning to far in advance isn't the best strategy.


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OCHackerz #OpenHack Hackathon Projects

Some of the #arduino projects presented included: A digitally configurable scale for weighing coffee beans, robotic proximity sensor, world clock, binary clock with 3d printed wristband, gaming controller, and an access control point for commercial buildings. 

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StartupBusSF 2014 #SXSW #Austin #Texas

This is Startupbus SF 2014. 8 buses from Mexico, South, Mid West, West Coast, South East, North, North East, America travel 3,000km to build a startup on a bus and launch in San Antonio, TX. Special thanks to my company Elance who sponsored my seat on the bus. I added so many respected entrepreneurs to my network including Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki and others.

In 3 days. My team and I launched

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I Co-Founded (Question, Green, Innovate, Technology, Science)

QGITS is a web publication covering media by providing entertaining innovative inspiring content and videos promoting ideas and stories of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship; awareness of social causes and excitement of STEM & STEAM education Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math fields.

As an extention of my effort at OCHackerz, I put on my Journalism hat and interview key members in my network reporting on the #Hacker & #Maker movement on the West Coast, CA.

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OCWorx - Co-Founder

I co-founded - OC Worx is a concern of businesses and organizations that are dedicated to the support of innovative enthusiasts and professionals who are interested in the creation of tech integrated goods, inventions, and art. We are the educators, hardware and software designers, prototypers and manufacturers of Orange County and the greater Southern California area. We are your greatest resource, the infrastructure for the creative mind.

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OCHackerz in the OC Register

The OC Register wrote an article about OCMiniMakerFaire and included a section about OCHackerz. This was our first appearance in any public media. I remember reading this and thinking 10 years from now this kids' going to be working at NASA explaining to the rest of his friends that he built his first pc at the #OCHackerz booth during the #OCMiniMakerFaire and stumping all of his colleagues who grew up in the smartphone era. I hope the OCHackerz legacy lives on.

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OCHackerz @OCMiniMakerFaire 2013

This year at OCMiniMakerFaire the OCHackerz team volunteered to conduct a 2 part activity. One part allowed kids and adults to build a paper airplane from one of the easy-difficult prototypes I'd supplied to fly the furthest distance. On the other side kids were faced with the challenge of of building a lego prototype of a flying car inspired by our friends at Carravella Aerospace.